If you are an expecting mother, the first thing is to know your baby’s budget. You may have taken maternity leave and have no other income source. So, budgeting for your baby becomes your priority.

Making money during maternity leave

Once you know your money incoming and outgoing, you can manage your finances for yourself and your baby. You will get to know how much you need for your baby and how and how you can arrange for more.

You may know all your sources, but you can liberate yourself to spend in your way if you manage some savings. You can make use of your maternity leave to stock up your savings and feel financially free.

You can borrow small payday loans in Ireland and manage your time during maternity leave. Borrowing loans may sound easy, but it is preferable not to borrow and instead make money from other sources.

Ways to earn money on your maternity leave

  • Make use of the shopping.

You are going shopping, look for some cheap brands. Instead of choosing high-end brands, save some money and look for affordable alternatives. For your baby essentials such as nappies and cotton wool, you can select supermarket products.

They encourage you to keep a lot of money. To opt for more oversized baby products, always look for deals that will keep your money. Many deals help you save money on baby essentials.

  • Sell

You can get money by selling your old products. If you have an old phone that you have not used for ages or a dress that you do not wear anymore, you can think of selling it and get some money out of it.

During your maternity leave, you can look up all your drawers and cupboards and make the best use of things you have not used for quite a while. Find some good online marketplaces that will give you a good value for your products.

Or you can find out the excellent opportunity to boot sale. These places offer you good opportunities and help you make good money from your unwanted products.

  • Get Freebies

This tip will help you cut down your costs. Although it is not a contributor to your money-saving, it will still help you cut down on your expenses. You can peep out in your friend and the family circle; they already have children and offer you freebies that will save you money.

If their babies are outgrown, they would not mind giving you freebies. Your freebies can include toys, hand-woven clothes, or some dresses. Also, you can look at various social media platforms or online marketplaces to get some freebies.

  • Reuse 

If you are cutting down on your spending, that is one of the best ways to save money. You can follow the approach of reuse and recycle and save money. If this is not your first child, you can check with your first baby’s gears and clothes and can reuse them for this baby.

Also, look up things that can recycle and reshape for your baby so that you do not have to buy new things from the market.

You cannot use baby foods and eatables as they are perishable. But you can make good use of things that can be reused for your baby and are essential.

  • Be aware of your entitlements.

If you are in the UK and are on maternity leave, you are entitled to receive payments up to 39 weeks of your maternity leave. Along with the government policies, your employer and business may also have some beneficial schemes for your maternity leave.

You can check with your office and avail the schemes at your disposal. Your place of work may prove to be beneficial for you in terms of your maternity needs. Along with these two, check for other entitlements too. You can earn money on child tax credits, universal credit, etc.

  • Know your employment rights

You should be aware of your maternity rights. Before you go on leave, you may boost your income and get a good income share.

Before going on maternity leave, you can take your paid offs and enjoy some time. This will give you some relaxing time without incurring extra costs of lunch and travelling.

  • Join Baby Clubs

You can join various baby clubs and cut out some costs to be incurred. You need to sign up simply, and you are a member of the baby cub. These clubs usually offer free memberships and give you many discounts and deals.

Some products are mandatory for the baby, and you have to buy them anyway. These clubs help you to save money on those mandatory products and help you save money.

  • Go Online

Online platforms sometimes offer some very good offers and discounts and save a chunk of your money.

Different type of cashback sites assists you to make money while on motherhood leave. These websites sometimes offer you vouchers that will help you with those extra products for your baby.

  • Pursue your hobbies

While you are on maternity leave, you can pursue your hobbies and make money out of them. You can make money out of any hobby, such as crafting jewellery or baking cakes.

You can implement any particular skill set that you have and earn good money while being on leave. You have to take care of any tax implications while making money out of your hobby.


The most important thing while being on maternity leave is to enjoy and stay stress-free.

If you are stress-free, you can consider innovative and inventive ideas to obtain money. If you earn extra money, it will help you budget effectively and use your resources.


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