There are many ways to make money from your blog.

We can make more of that money just by blogging. We can say there is a way to find more of this when blogging interests us. However, there is a catch to it.

Whether or not blogging is enjoyable to you, you have to find out if it cultivated real-life value for you. Sometimes, you need to invest in that. Sometimes, you don’t have to. However, being strategic matters, and that means you can make a good outcome out of it.

This is why I have penned this blog to tell you more about new blogging and monetisation strategies to help you earn.

So, before you set your gear and note the points to write and create your first professional blog, hear me out by reading this post.

How to Get Money by Creating a Blog

Let me tell you something.

My mate Richard got unfortunately fired from his job a few weeks ago. He is a good writer, though. Although he worked as a hotel chef, he had problems that probably caused this unemployment and further dampened his credit score.

However, Richard is quite a smart guy. He took out bad credit loans on an instant decision in Ireland to finance his needs for a few months and used part of the money to buy a work laptop and a phone.

I reckon you already know why he made the purchase. Well, he started food blogging like me. He is terrific at doing his job. As far as I know, he stated that he had already started earning from multiple sources, and he has got an account in Upwork (more on that later).

For now, I will concentrate on a few things Richard carefully and I used to help monetise our blog.

One more thing! Don’t think monetisation is where you should stop. You must consider blogging as a way of income. It is not passive income. It is genuinely trying to earn good money through blogging.

Working hard with blogging can make you earn more than a day job.

Here is how we (and countless other bloggers did it):

  • Use AdSense from Google
  • How about Making Some Research on the Niche?
  • Consider Writing for Sponsors
  • To Conclude: Buy a Domain to Make it All Happen

Interested to learn more about these points? Why don’t you scroll down and read below:

  • Use AdSense from Google

AdSense? It is a service from Google. Before you know how that works, you must understand clicks value.

A website can be referred to as a blog because it carries information in the text. You can add images or videos to your blog post to diversify the content and make it more enriched and appealing.

In the business of websites, there is something called viewer engagement. While viewer engagement is complex, a few factors, such as how long a visitor stays on a webpage and how many clicks they make, make a good definition to rank the page higher.

The higher the ranking, the better the monetisation opportunities. If your page receives enough clicks, you will get money. This is precisely what Google AdSense does.

What is it, though? It is a service from Google.

Using tools by Google AdSense, you can now use advertisements on your website. But the service will only show ads relevant to your blog’s topic. Hence, customers get naturally interested to find out what the ads have for them. They click on the ads, and, in return, you earn money.

Isn’t that a good idea? Of course, it is.

  • How about Making Some Research on the Niche?

Listen! When you are writing for something too common, you might get the visibility you want only some of the time.

Again, if you write something fewer people are interested in, you might also lose the chance of earning money.

Instead, we have to work smart. YouTube can be a good example of this.

You can get enough money from this video-sharing platform if you create videos on gaming. It is because your video is monetised in fewer numbers of views and subscriptions than something as common as marketing. You will need increased subscriptions and views to gain the same money by videos sharing content on marketing.

Therefore, you see, video gaming is a hot niche.

I am not asking you to stop thinking about your niche or sacrificing it for something else. Food is a niche that’s too common these days, and you might face a little challenge to earn money by monetising your food blog.

However, you can try something new by altering the content. For example, my mate Richard writes about how to prepare foods found in famous movies.

Richard is writing on a popular niche. However, he is ahead of the challenge because he creates content uniquely. He did something others still needed to do.

Therefore, my advice will offer you two simple points. First, research the niche and determine if you can profit from it. Think about it. If you reckon the niche will not work, alter your blog topics and create a new style.

Think outside the box, and you will identify a path for your blogging journey that will offer you cash.

  • Consider Writing for Sponsors

Why wouldn’t you do so?

Sponsors can make your blog reach sky-high popularity. All you need to do here is to help them share their content through your magical expression of words.

Large companies and conglomerates need good bloggers to write their content. You can start this process by speaking with them and agreeing to write product reviews and other relevant content.

You can bring the company to good ground just by your writing skills. Why don’t you search for a sponsor now?

To Conclude: Buy a Domain to Make it All Happen

Suppose you want to buy that laptop and are looking to borrow funds despite credit issues. You may think of bad credit loans on an instant decision in Ireland to get some cash.

There are many platforms on the Internet where you can blog free. However, those platforms won’t offer you exposure because they are for casual blogging.

If you want to monetise your content, I recommend buying a domain and making your own website.

You can visit WordPress to make a website. The excellent advantage of this website is that you do not have to use coding to create a website, i.e. you can make a website without knowing HTML or CSS or any coding.

WordPress is primarily free. However, to get further assistance, you can check Wix.

Oh yes, speaking of getting work as a blogger, go for some freelancing websites and create an account there to connect with potential clients who need blogs for personal or commercial reasons.

Such a free website is called freelancer. However, you can get premium offers on fiverr, Upwork and many more. Ready to blog, then? Sure you are!!!


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